Testimonial Letter

-Tamah Davis, Columbia 

Arclabs really changed my life in more ways than one and I'm proud to be a graduate.

-Michael Posey, Columbia

The school was a great experience. I found that working at my own pace and one-on-one teacher help was great. Thanks Arclabs!

-Hunter Wisham, Piedmont

The training was not only insightful, but also fun. I truly looked forward to coming to class each and every day. The instructor was positive, professional, enthusiastic, and encouraging. To anyone looking to make a positive change in life, I would highly recommend them to take the Arclabs program.

-Shawn Blakeney, Columbia

Being previously trained in welding, but out of practice, it was great to be able to come to Arclabs to regain my proficiency and skill. All the instructors and staff have been helpful and understanding which made the experience easier.

-Cavan Cox, Piedmont

I enjoyed going to this school. It had a good student to instructor ratio and it was easy to find help when needed.

-Jason Agnew, Piedmont

I have already recommended this school to a friend. The staff was great, well informed, and professional. The instructors were knowledgeable and very accommodating to my needs in learning.

-Cecil Risher, Columbia

This class was great. I was a novice and in 10 weeks I feel like I can be confident in a job search and performing welding tasks.

-Josh Carver, Piedmont

The instructors were great. I learned a lot and I will recommend the program to any of my friends who want to pursue a welding career.

-Robert Sumner, Piedmont

I would like to thank Arclabs for the phenomenal training I received. Prior to attending Arclabs, I had no welding experience at all. Now I have a job that pays good, setup by Arclabs through their placement, and I also have a career where I know I will have the ability/skills to continue to work. The entire staff is dedicated to our success. If anyone is considering welding as a career, I strongly recommend Arclabs. They will do you right.

-Chris Gardner, Columbia 

This school is very educational, with very knowledgeable staff. The staff works well with students and are very encouraging. Arclabs is a great welding school and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

-Garrett Sloan, Piedmont

I have really enjoyed my 10 weeks here at Arclabs. I am very glad I chose to come here because this is a very good school. During my time here I learned a lot of new things about welding and the industry and I would recommend this school to anybody that wanted to learn to weld.

-Seth Waters, Piedmont

Arclabs is a great school and great opportunity for students to get their lives back on track.

-Pedro Garcia, Columbia 

This class has put me years ahead of my original goals. I can t express the value I place in the time I ve spent here.

-Morgan Davis, Piedmont

I learned a lot from the school. It was the best decision I have ever made and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

-Phillip Edwards, Piedmont

"Arclabs was the perfect place to earn my welding certificate. I was very fortunate to earn scholarships to attend here. Sparc offered more than some of the other trade schools I toured and I think the 400-Hour course was the right way to go it was a great fit to help me advance my skills. The instructors were very knowledgeable and the office staff was very friendly and helpful. Thanks for the awesome experience."